Here I Go…

I wonder if we truly grasp how much of an impact one person, one word, one action, or even one look can have…


From the moment I met her, my heart came alive in ways that I’ve never known or experienced before. She was abused, abandoned, and trusted no one.  There was a look of fear in her eyes, fear of trusting someone, and it was a look I was all too familiar with.  And so I gave her time.  I gave her patience.  And over and over again I was faithful in the things I spoke to her and shared with her.  Slowly she began to trust me.  She sat next to me.  She grabbled my hand.  She hugged me. And by the end of our encounter, her eyes no longer had fear, but tears, as did mine.  She was looking for someone to believe in her, to teach her, to Love her for who she is…

And that moment not only planted a seed for a big dream, bigger than I can even conceptualize at the moment, but it is what leads me back to Spain and Morocco .  For she taught me what it truly means to invest in people, to disciple others.

Therefore, January 17, 2011, marks my move to Spain.

There I will serve G42 Leadership academy as their Missions and Fundraising Coordinator.  I will encourage and challenge current and future missionaries, developing a training and support program for them.  I will share with current and potential donors the great things that are taking place through the Academy’s Epicentro, events that are changing the climate of Mijas with teachings, community building, and encouraging the passions and dreams that are coming alive in this area.

I will also be developing contacts and putting my vision and dream of working with street children into action.  A potential door has opened in Morocco that I will learn more about and will serve and investigate the best way to be involved.  But along with that, I will continue building relationships, learning the languages, and really seeing how to best meet the needs of street children in this area, that they grow in their identity and who will then choose to care, teach, and disciple those around them.

This is Family.

I thank you for your support and want you to know that I too am working towards sustainability as well.  I invite you to give as you feel led.  But know too that as I have hands that can work, and mind that can think, and a heart for action, I will work hard.  I will be getting certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in order to teach where ever I am.  I will explore ways to use my skills to assist in supporting myself.

This isn’t a “normal” life, but it is a Life worth Living.  And I wouldn’t choose it any other way.

2 thoughts on “Here I Go…

  1. What a wonderful mission God has led you too. I am sad to see you going again, but excited to see the things God has in store for you!

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