He Waits on Me…

So what am I waiting for?

“If God can wrest such triumph out of the jaws of apparent defeat, can draw strength from a moment of ultimate weakness, what might God do with the apparent failures and hardships of my own life?” ~ Philip Yancey

Here I sit, heart racing, knowing that it is time to make a choice…

You see, there’s still a part of me that I have yet to fully trust GOD with.  I say to Him, “but look at all I have given you…You have this part of me, and this part, even this part…”

And patiently He waits.

He waits until I’m finished and speaks to my heart…”what about that piece?”

He sees it though I thought I hid it so well.  He wants the piece of my heart that I have held on to myself, that I’ve protected because I believe I can guard myself from pain.  It is the part that has been wounded with disappointed, scarred by neglect, and hardened because of failure.  It is the piece that reminds me of the pain of love not returned, hiding behind an excuse that I’m not enough…

And patiently He waits.

He waits as I battle through my excuses and explanations and responds with one question, “Am I enough?”

With that one question, excuses vanish, and hope grows because  honestly,the only reply I have is…Yes.


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