The Whole is Greater…

than the sum of its parts…

There are some people I know who by just the way they talk, they care, they serve, they love, add so much to a place and to my life.  It is amazing to see how much better they leave a place, how much they add, by their intentionality and by just having that giving spirit and living in a way that does not take, but gives.

In all that we do, in how we interact with others, in the words we speak, the actions we carry out, are we taking or are we giving?  Do you even know what you have to contribute?  Do you even realize all that is in you that can be given, that can add value?

As we live in a consumer focused society, how much better would life be if we simply gave?  What part do you have?  What value are you adding to your workplace, to your community, to your family?  What value am I adding to this world, to those around me?

I believe it’s a question to take seriously…  How am I living?

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts…

So what is your part?


3 thoughts on “The Whole is Greater…

  1. That is definitely something to think about! How much and what can I/do I give??? Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me to be aware of my words and actions!! Love you!

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