Beyond the Blueprint


It is easy for me to dream, to think of something to do.  I can sit here and think of all the things that are possible, or that I would like to see happen.  In my journal, I can make lists and take off on a journey of plans and things to consider.  This isn’t bad by any means, but can definitely be over done.  Because, the truth is, that at the end of the day, all I can do with my blueprints is sit amongst pages and pages of ideas, thoughts, dreams, theories, projects, etc…and yet see none of them come to fruition.

That leaves me with, sad to say, just another pile of papers of I should have’s or what could have been’s.

You see, I tend to confuse planning with starting.  Again, not saying anything is wrong with planning, it is important.  But when the idea only goes that far, what is the point?

I like to think of all the ways something can work out, map it out to weigh the success vs. the failure percentage rate to see if it is something I am willing to take a risk on.  But then again, is that really considered risk?  And let’s be honest, it is pretty easy to plan your way out of a good idea!

Whether or not you consider your very own idea or dream as life-changing, you know the one you have put on hold or talked yourself out of,  I can guarantee that if you start it or implement it or just do something beyond the blueprint phase, your life will change and the way you live as well. Maybe you will succeed. Maybe you will fail, but you will learn in the process and the next idea you have may not be that scary.

We were given a mind to think, a heart of passion, and gifts and resources to put things into action…

So what’s your idea?  And who is waiting for it?  Act.

“Human nature is to need a map.  If you’re brave enough to draw one, people will follow.” ~ Seth Godin

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Blueprint

  1. you are right on in this post. it’s easy to dream big and never take the next step. thanks for challenging me to think aobut those things i’ve started planning for and never followed through on. much love!

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