A Family.

I received a disheartening email this morning and must share my thoughts.

You see,  last year in Tangier, I met two precious street children.  A five year old boy who was left to care for his three year old sister.  I met them as they rested during the day before finding their next place to sleep.  One of my acquaintances kept her eye on them, taking them in when they would let her, and using some funds I sent to at least provide some food.  I am planning to return there in a week or so, and had hoped we would be reunited.

And then this morning, I received word that they haven’t been seen in two weeks now.  I wonder where they are, if someone else took them in or if they just blended in with the rest of the numbers of street children roaming the city.

In my staff meeting this morning, we discussed the commitment level of truly caring for street children as family.  To love and serve them, to care for them and teach them, to truly invest in them takes more than just a few months or even a few years.  It is a commitment, and if they are young, it could be 18 years or more.   Now that’s a commitment.

I thought about that.  Is that a commitment I’m willing to make?  For those two, it was, it is.  And in Tangier, there are hundreds more, hundreds looking for someone to invest in them, to believe in them, to simply love and care for them.  I know that I can’t do it all alone, but I can honestly say, that I’m not scared at all of the commitment of it.  As long as there is something in me to give, I’ll give it away…

6 thoughts on “A Family.

  1. wow I didn’t know about this Jenn… we’ll have to skype so you can tell me more. I will be praying that they come back and are safe

  2. Oh my word! I pray that that a loving family has taken them in and they are being cared for! I will pray for them! Thank you for being commited and ready to invest! Love you!!!

  3. i hope you are able to be reunited with these precious children. praying a prayer of safety over them and you as you…

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