Wise Counsel.

Some people are considered foolish for the things they do. Some people run to danger for the adrenaline rush or to feed their narcissistic personality.  Their heart is not in the right place and they lack counsel and good judgement.

Andrew mentions the balance of a red hot heart and an ice cold brain.  GOD created us with passion and with knowledge and truth.

And so here I am, preparing to embark on a journey to Morocco to work in the streets.  I’m making myself available to the children there.  For a few days, I will be there to feed those that come, to immerse myself in their lives.  I sought the counsel of the leaders and authority in my life that I trust and heard their thoughts on this matter.  We discussed safety issues, etc.  But at the end of all the conversations, it came down to the guidance of the Spirit.  I have the support of the leaders, and I have the guidance of the Spirit.  I don’t go foolishly, but I do go purposefully.

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” ~Proverbs 15:22

As I shared this information with my sister, I was touched greatly by her words.  She is one who would prefer I err on the side of safety, but explained that lately (through the passing of a dear friend and wonderful man) she has been learning that I can spend many years being safe and comfortable but if I’m not doing what GOD is asking of me or leading me to, what is the point?  She knows that no matter what, I’m living for GOD, and that’s what matters.  And we cried in the truth of this statement.Maybe I’m considered foolish to those who don’t grasp the power of GOD and my Love for HIM, but it is for those that I go…to introduce them to a GOD who knows them and who Loves them…to introduce them to family.  I go with the support of leadership, with the guidance of the Spirit, and with the power of GOD.

I go…

What Are You Saying?

No, I’m not referring to a language barrier in this post, but rather what is coming out of our mouths.

It is strange to think about…the time in life we literally waste whining about such little mindless things that bother us or may inconvenience us a bit.  For example, if I look back through, let’s say, my last 24 hours at how many times I complained about something that isn’t even worth my focus, how much time did I actually waste?  I’m talking about the little things that I allow to occupy my thoughts, waste my time, and just rile me up because, I guess my imagination is so good that it can take something minuscule in the scheme of life and blow it up to something that frustrates me to the point where I obviously believe that I have the right to complain and throw my little fit.  You know those apparently “life shattering” moments such as when the weather turns cold and you are freezing as you walk home after a good night with some friends, when the free internet at a cafe is slow or takes a little time to start working, when the bus runs a little late, when the to do list isn’t finished at the end of the day because of interruptions, when the cost of groceries just went up, or even when we are asked to do something that we just don’t want to do.  Life just seems unfair.

Sad perception isn’t it?  But even sadder is that others are hearing us complain and whine about these little things?  What are we saying?  What are they hearing?

I just started reading Radical by David Platt.  And as I read the following excerpt I was hit with the truth and greatness of this…“For the sake of more than a billion people today who have yet to even hear the gospel, I want to risk it all.  For the sake of twenty-six thousand children who will die today of starvation or a preventable disease, I want to risk it all…For the sake of my life, my family, and the people who surround me, I want to risk it all.”

May this be what we say, what we declare. 

You see, I want to declare truth, use my words and my life to serve and edify.  And so the complaining and whining about the little things that disrupt my life need to be replaced with thankfulness and an appreciation for what I do have.  For there are many who are without, who are merely surviving, and I want to live a life that gives and doesn’t expect.  May my mouth declare my passion for God and HIS greatness, not mindless complaints that tend to occupy my speech.  I will appreciate life and give all I can. 

I want to risk it all.
HE is worth it.
You are worth it.
They are worth it.

That’s what I’m saying.  That’s how I’m living.

Beyond the Walls…

“church” still happens. 

Maybe all the exit signs seen when one leaves the church building should be changed to…enter.

Because if “church” just happened on Sundays, what is the point of the other 6 days?


(Photo: Friday Tapas)

It’s those moments when I enter someone else’s life and invite them into mine, not just on Sunday, but throughout the week.  It’s sharing what I have, challenging each other, serving others, living out the heart of scripture…now that’s a growing church.

And I’m taking it to a closed country!

How?, you may wonder.  I can’t build a “proper” building complete with sanctuary and enough space for sunday school classes.  I can’t bring in a praise and worship band with all it’s eye-catching lights and effects.  And you know I don’t have that dynamic voice to preach a message captivating all who hear me.

But I have food, some simple games, and Christ in me.  And so I will go for a few days to this closed country, feed those children who come to me, play with them as they take a break from life on the streets, and acknowledge them as the valuable children that they are.  I will care for them as I can.  I will invest in them.  And I will show them how the body of Christ can serve with all that they have.  It’s at least a start.

That’s Church, and it can’t be contained by any walls.

La Cultura

There is freedom here to create, to start things, to run with an idea.  For a while now, G42 has been interested in starting something for the children here in Mijas.  When I heard about this, I knew that I wanted to take this on.

Dreaming was the fun part…What could this look like? What is the purpose?  What is needed?  What would they be interested in?

I laid out the following idea and introduce you to

To instill in children – values, appreciation of cultures, and a sense of purpose in a creative and safe environment

Meet once a week – Saturday 10:00-11:30

Art: Either an expression of self, or creating something for someone

Attitude:  Learn the importance of respecting others, helping others, sharing, identity, dreams, etc
Appreciation:  Learn and appreciate different cultures by learning about one county a month and corresponding with different missionaries or volunteers serving in the respective countries.

Then it was time to put things into action.

The first meeting was on the 2nd of April.  As I waited for children to come, I wondered what this first meeting might actually hold.  And then they came…two girls that I know well, and then another girl and her brother followed.  The next hour was spent decorating folders that will soon hold the letters we receive from different missionaries or volunteers around the world, locating on a world map the first country we are learning about (Uganda), and writing in our journals some interesting facts about Uganda, such as the fact that children fetch water for their families and many don’t attend school due to the cost.  The children were challenged to see how they can help their own families around the house and to come back next week with an interesting fact or picture about Uganda.It might seem like a simple hour and a half, but as I looked around I saw all of us, different backgrounds, different cultures, different languages, and even different religions or faiths, learning together, laughing together and just appreciating the time we have together.

I look forward to what this next week brings.  Two more children have said they want to come and I know La Cultura will continue to grow.  I’m thankful for this opportunity, and pray that something is seen/felt during this time, and that each child grasps the greatness GOD has placed in them and the impact they have in their own families, community, and world.