Wise Counsel.

Some people are considered foolish for the things they do. Some people run to danger for the adrenaline rush or to feed their narcissistic personality.  Their heart is not in the right place and they lack counsel and good judgement.

Andrew mentions the balance of a red hot heart and an ice cold brain.  GOD created us with passion and with knowledge and truth.

And so here I am, preparing to embark on a journey to Morocco to work in the streets.  I’m making myself available to the children there.  For a few days, I will be there to feed those that come, to immerse myself in their lives.  I sought the counsel of the leaders and authority in my life that I trust and heard their thoughts on this matter.  We discussed safety issues, etc.  But at the end of all the conversations, it came down to the guidance of the Spirit.  I have the support of the leaders, and I have the guidance of the Spirit.  I don’t go foolishly, but I do go purposefully.

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” ~Proverbs 15:22

As I shared this information with my sister, I was touched greatly by her words.  She is one who would prefer I err on the side of safety, but explained that lately (through the passing of a dear friend and wonderful man) she has been learning that I can spend many years being safe and comfortable but if I’m not doing what GOD is asking of me or leading me to, what is the point?  She knows that no matter what, I’m living for GOD, and that’s what matters.  And we cried in the truth of this statement.Maybe I’m considered foolish to those who don’t grasp the power of GOD and my Love for HIM, but it is for those that I go…to introduce them to a GOD who knows them and who Loves them…to introduce them to family.  I go with the support of leadership, with the guidance of the Spirit, and with the power of GOD.

I go…

3 thoughts on “Wise Counsel.

  1. God is amazing! I love you so much and I am very proud of you and the life you living! You are in God’s hands and that is the best place to be! You are also in my heart!! 🙂 I love you greatly!!!!

  2. Jenn- I commend you on your willingness to follow where God leads. You can’t go wrong following His path for you. Be safe and can’t wait to hear about all the lives you’ve touched.

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