Each Child Has A Name.

اسمي جينيفر  I would say in my broken arabic, or “mi nombre es Jennifer” (spanish).  It was an introduction, a simple greeting to begin to let them know more of who I am so that I too could get to know them…

My time in Morocco was simply to give what I had and to get to know the community, the people, the children who live in the streets.  And as the children came to me in small groups, the food that I shared and the futbol that I provided allowed for introductory greetings and conversations, and above all, laughter.

You see, it is very important to me to develop relationships, to build trust, to learn, to know each person.

I don’t have the skill of gathering together large groups of people and I may never be able to serve many in numbers, but my desire is to know those that I can, to truly know them.  One by one, I will take the time to know them, to invest in them, to know their names, their identities so that they may see and grasp who they are and the hope of their futures.  I want to take time this month to share a few stories of my time in Morocco, and I begin with the hope I returned with of knowing a few more names.  I know that with time, trust, and authenticity, relationships will continue to form.

I left knowing no one, and returned with the hope of beginning to know five different children.  I know their names.  It’s just the beginning, but it’s a good start.

They are more than just faces in the streets and statistics.  Each child has a name, has an identity, and I’m going to take the time to know who they are…


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