A World of Differences. A Lifetime of Learning.

Change has been happening here a lot lately, requiring a shift of focus, increased responsibility, and an open mind to appreciate the newness of this time.  This of course, has created a schedule with limited time to blog or really correspond with my close friends and family, but is exciting nonetheless.  There are some things on the forefront that I am excited to share with you as the details began to sort themselves out.

But for now, I just want to share with you what the underlying message of all this transition has been….learning from those around me.Yes, sometimes it’s frustrating, but how stagnant I would be if I was never challenged by others with different perspectives, different skills, different personalities, and the different knowledge that they offer.  It is interesting to see how each person adds to different parts of your life and vice versa.

So I am going to continue to learn, and to share, and actually appreciate the greatness that takes place as we learn from each other.  What are you learning?

6 thoughts on “A World of Differences. A Lifetime of Learning.

  1. change is going to happen no matter what…learning on the other hand, only people who desire to grow and make a difference continue to learn! you’re one of those people! love you!

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