Life Complete or Completely Living?

At the end of the day, what are your actions speaking?  
Is your end goal, a life complete or completely living?

I have met many young people over the past few years.  It is such an interesting time in life when the world is in front of you and you feel the freedom to go in any direction.  Some pray for wisdom.  Some just run after their passions.  And others just don’t know what they want to do.  They hear the same questions, so what do you want to do with your life?  What is your next step?  It is fun to dream, to set goals, and it is a good thing.  And so they dream, they plan, and all for the hope of a fruitful life once the goals are met.

Yet, life is happening along the way.  It doesn’t automatically start when you get married, when you start a family, when you buy a house, when you get that big raise or that vacation home in the mediterranean.  Yes, life changes with each new role you step into, with each person you meet, with the decisions you make along the way, but life happens everyday!

The question is, are you living it?


4 thoughts on “Life Complete or Completely Living?

  1. Great post! You pose a lot of interesting questions that we could all benefit to consider. I recently made a career change that I feel finally allows me to live and love each day. I went through a realization that life is too short to not spend it doing what you love.

  2. good word jen! this is similar to what God’s been teaching me this past week. i’ve been reminded of John 10:10—you know, the one about how God’s come to give us life, and life abundantly! it got me thinking how true that is, yet it’s something that we continually have to choose for over and over again. to be filled with the spirit and choosing to ALWAYS believe in His truths instead of the phony pretensions of the enemy so that we can go and live it out… looks like we’re choose life and life abundantly! happy we’re in this together! 🙂

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