Dear Family.

Dear Family,

A month has past, and I have yet to write.  Henry David Thoreau once stated, “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” I hope that is what my writing shares in some way, Truth as it is lived out.  In it’s simplicity, my words shared reveal a window to something much deeper, my heart.

With moving forward in the vision for a community center, in opportunities of working with children, in making decisions that allow me the freedom and courage to move forward, I can’t at all help but see how far He has brought me.  

My heart has been aching for my family lately.  I do long to surprise them with dinner, sit with Grace and Tyler for one of our movie nights, to hear them laugh, to actually be in their presence.  We all can relate to moments like these.  And there is a thankfulness that my Love for them continues to grow.  

And now…now I sit outside hearing the laughter of those who are in my community now, thankful for where I am and who I am. Because that is how I want to live, standing with open arms in confidence of who I am and not who I was or thought I was…standing tall, moving forward in the passions He has placed within me, and courageously taking step by step, giving it all and Living Life.  

Remember those choose your own adventure books?  At the end of each chapter you had to make a decision which would take you on a different adventure.  Life is very similar isn’t it?  Maybe there won’t come a day where we have a choice to go slay a dragon or answer the question of a riddling troll. But we do make decisions. For Life is decisions simply Lived out.  I had to make a decision to either stay in the States and work at a wonderful job that I enjoyed, living near my family who I love, etc.  Or move to Spain to work along side my family here. It is an adventure to say the least, lessons learned, joy in abundance, and family.

It is my story, with Christ in me and the guidance of the Spirit, it is being written and Lived out to completion…

What’s your story? What people and characters are you meeting along the way? What are you learning?

Maybe our stories will intertwine once again.  Until then, I will write more, give and share more, and would enjoy knowing more of…You.



Jennifer Maile Estrella


2 thoughts on “Dear Family.

  1. We miss you greatly Jenn! But seeing you and the passion you have to serve God and His children gives my heart peace. WE all support you over here and no matter how far you are, our hearts will always be connected! Love you!!!! Keep serving! And whenever you want to surprise us with dinner, we are IN!! 🙂

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