When Status Quo is Insufficient…

I’ve been challenged a lot lately in different areas of my life, my relationships, my faith, my work ethic, my communication with others, the use of the skills I’ve been given, and just the way I serve others.  Life in general it seems!

I thought about these areas and wondered, in how many of them I have reached “Status Quo” and just stopped because isn’t status quo sufficient?  The truth is, I had and I have more to give, so why stop?

Go above and beyond…challenge myself to go farther than I could go on my own…

In 2 Timothy, Paul writes about his suffering and chains and how everyone in Asia had deserted him.  He then tells about a man named Onesiphorus, for which he has great thanks.  “May the Lord show mercy to the household of Onesiphorus, because he often refreshed me and was not ashamed of my chains.  On the contrary, when he was in Rome, he searched hard for me until he found me.” ~2 Timothy 1:16-17

“OFTEN” and “UNTIL”  – Two unmistakably powerful words in this scripture.  Onesiphorus went above and beyond to care for a man who most people are ashamed of.  You see, it wasn’t about what he didn’t do.  We can all ignore something or people, or even keep our judgements to ourselves, and pat ourselves on the back for that.  But Onesiphorus OFTEN REFRESHED Paul.  He searched hard for Paul UNTIL he actually found him.

If anything, this gratefulness Paul has for Onesiphorus is a great example of the word, truth, grace, and love coming to Life and being poured out.  When Onesiphorus looked outside himself, status quo no longer existed. It wasn’t about what he did being sufficient, or looking good to others, or evening earning recognition, but it was about Paul who was in need. Onesiphorus saw Paul and knew he had something to give.That is how I want to Live in all areas of my life!

When status quo is insufficient, when we actually go above and beyond, Life happens.

Why hold back?  Go for it, Live…


3 thoughts on “When Status Quo is Insufficient…

  1. you know, i have thought about this often. i find that i don’t realize (or i don’t want to admit) that i’m not giving it my all until later when i wish i would have given more. many times, while in the midst of the situation, i do think i’m giving it all because “i’m tired and this is the best i can do.” it never hits me until later that i know i really did not give something my all and then i’m left with regret. why do we do that? or i guess i should ask, “why do i do that!?!” 🙂 love you and miss you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! It has been a confirmation to me on something that I have been looking for an answer. Earlier in the week, I received 2 Tim 1:7-14 as a confirmation, but like Gideon, I needed more confirmation. This did it! Thank you.

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