Someone Like You.

I have been encouraged incredibly by a few people this weekend.  There have been conversations via Skype and emails from people who are living this life all over the world, serving, full of courage, and giving all they have, and yet they say I’m an example?!?  I know it is said sincerely.  I know it is an encouraging remark.  But I have to be honest, when I heard it, I had to take a deep breath.  Because the truth is… 

I’m someone like you.

There is so much more I have to give that I haven’t.  I have to continually keep my attitude in check.  Sometimes serving is a choice and not a habit.  I’d be one of the first ones to complain about something as meaningless as the weather.  And honestly, I miss shopping for clothes.  I know it might shock some of you to hear something as shallow as this, but it’s the truth.

I am someone like you.  I have areas to grow in.  I have lessons to learn.  I have to make choices on a daily basis.  

“I am an example.”  I think of this comment and I think of little Roberto who is 4 or Irene who is 6. I see them look at me, and remember that I am an example.  So the choices I make become easier, serving becomes more of a must, and the little complaints I could have dissolve in the fact that the value of my life is discovered in the value it has in someone else’s.

So I gladly receive the compliment of being an example to someone.  Because I am an example and if I am someone like you, do you realize that you are and should be an example for someone else?

Let’s live life with this in mind…


6 thoughts on “Someone Like You.

  1. I hear ya sister…this rang so true to me….everyones seasons look different and you are right where you are suppose to be…but wherever we are we should always be giving, serving and giving ourselves away…even if it is a season of rest…love you sister!

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