Why Fight It?

Embrace it….

Getting older is something that really doesn’t scare me.  There is nothing I can do about it but enjoy every minute of it.  I am 32 and have no shame in stating that.  There have been successes and even a few disappointments along the way and there are more to come… 

Each year has taught me something and introduced people in my life who I have appreciated.  Friendships have come and gone and come again, and in all of it I see no better option than to celebrate Life to the fullest.  So I celebrate my birthday for a full week!  What better way to start the next year of your life than with celebration and hope for what this next year will hold and in appreciation of where you are now and those wonderful relationships around you…

I received a great word from a friend on my birthday.  He shared this with me and I declare it here, if anything to hold myself accountable on the perspective this year brings. He said, “Jennifer, Whatever is in your heart at this phase in your life, the deepest desires you may have, know that with Christ, God has given you all things freely. Your deepest desires are God’s utmost priority. Allow your perspective through which you view this new year to be from His Throne, a place of authority, of intimacy, of power and beautiful unity with the most powerful and yet compassionate being in this Universe.” 

So here I am, 32, and still in awe of where I am now.  I ended my birthday night in the company of some close friends, as we revealed our hearts, laughed, shared some good food and wine, and celebrated what we know will be another excellent year with successes and failures, but moving forward with each step…

and the week long celebration continues…

3 thoughts on “Why Fight It?

  1. i can just feel the joy seeping out of this blog! what an inspiring and happy way to kick off this extra special year for you….great things are surely on the horizon.

  2. Amen sister! 🙂 I totally agree with you! I have no fear of getting older!!! God has given me 32 years of blessings, one of them being you! And I look forward to another year to serve God and my friends and family and hopefully reach out and share the love of our magnificent savior with others!!! Love you greatly!

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