You Can’t Buy It!

I’m sitting here amongst friends listening to them talk about various topics such as hair color, quotes, and believe it or not…pinterest!  Jaja, but it is a week of goodbyes as well, or as my friend Bec says “See you later’s”.  Add that to the fact that Christmas is this weekend and it is definitely a week of mixed feelings.

It is the time of year though when we all think about the perfect gift for one another, or we try to remember “the reason for the season” (Not a fan of that phrase at all, by the way).

But believe it or not, this week, I have already received some of my favorite gifts.  You see, a dear friend of mine passed on something of hers that she has had for sometime…something that she has worn with honor and respect.  It was a gift to thank me for moving forward when she stepped back.  That is what I see when I look at this gift…perseverance, honor, and simply moving forward.  I have found a way to keep it with me always and appreciate it more than she will know.  It is encouraging.  She is encouraging.  And this symbol of friendship is something I will continue to cherish. 

And today, I received a box of chocolates from one of my favorite students.  I know we aren’t to have favorites and I do enjoy almost all of my students.  But I have to admit that she is a very special girl.  Those of you who know me, know that I’m not big on chocolates or sweets, but she looked up at me with those big brown eyes and softly said…”Merry Christmas”.  My heart melted.  When she left, she gave me un beso (a kiss) on my cheek and smiled!  Her kindness was more than I could ever hope for.  She is gentle, sincere, and just excited to learn English. 

I’m thankful for such reminders that life is about relationship. I’m thankful for sincerity, for the little things that show more than anything that could ever be bought!!!


4 thoughts on “You Can’t Buy It!

  1. What sweet moments that God plants in our lives so we can feel loved and adored! So glad you are enjoying each and every one!! Love you!!!!

  2. yeah, let’s face it, all teachers have those students who are extra special, call them favorites if you’d like. jaja. sounds like a lovely week for you!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 happy christmas week to you!

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