What Are You Giving?

So it is King’s Day today!  It is my favorite holiday.  I enjoyed those mornings growing up when I would collect my shoes that I left outside the night before filled with straw for the Wisemen’s camels and they would leave us gifts.  The day would be spent with family cooking Mexican food and just relaxing before everything started back up again with school and work.  Okay, so maybe it was the day of cooking and eating Mexican food that made me appreciate this holiday.

This year is a bit different.  I’m most likely not going to have the traditional chicana, tacos, and homemade corn chips and salsa.  I didn’t leave my shoes outside last night.  But I will still celebrate with some sort of Mexican food with my roommates tonight.  I started the morning off with a hike to the top of the mountain here in Mijas.  I just like to hike up there and think (sorry Bec, I forgot to take a bag to collect firewood, not that you need it with this weather we are having lately).  Anyway, as I stood up there looking over all of Mijas and seeing the tip of North Africa, I was overwhelmed with the thought of how easy it is to walk through this life, giving nothing, changing nothing, and having no real affect in anyone’s life.  There are billions of people out there and it makes one feel small, but at the same time see the importance of being “authentic” (ugh, yes, I used that word).

I recently had a conversation with a friend about being real.  The truth is, I have rough edges, an outer layer that is pretty tough to get through.  Not sure why, it doesn’t really matter, but it is there, and actually has been most of my life, thinner in some moments, but still present.  I stood up there thinking of the gifts the Kings gave Christ.  They gave them their finest, their best…

It turns out that the best gift we can give, is ourselves… mess and all I guess.  To hide who we are, is an insult to God, because He created us.  I thought about my work with children, I would never tell them that they are not good enough or that I only appreciate a particular part of who they are.  But what do my own actions show if I stay guarded, putting on the image that I’ve got it all together or that I’m strong, when really there are just days when I’m disappointed, frustrated, etc.?  It teaches them that they have to be a particular way to be accepted…exactly the image I want to break.

The best gift is me…the best gift is you…as simple as that!  Now to actually living that out…