Kind Sentiments or Purposeful Action…

How are you living?

I’ve really been thinking a lot about life in the Spirit lately.  Being open to the Spirit’s guidance and the authority given to us as we live out each day.  For too long, I believe, I’ve kept life and life in the spirit separate.  I’ve doubted the power and authority in me, and can see how that has played out in my actions and life. 

What should be purposeful action, has simply become, kind sentiments.

Thankfully, God can still use us where we are at, because honestly, there is timidity in me…not so much humbleness, but timidity.  There have been several moments and examples lately proving this, but one I want to share took place while I was teaching. 

My students were going through their normal routine, review of vocabulary, computer work, games, and then entered a gentleman who was just waiting for his friends.  He sat in my class to wait, and as the students recognized his presence, their actions changed.  They stopped paying attention and wanted to “show off” for him.  They were distracted and I realized it, but I figured I could manage, even though I knew it wasn’t the best learning environment for them.  It continued to progress more and more and I knew I had to gain control and ask the gentleman to leave so that the children could once again focus.  Yet, I approached him not in a confident manner, as someone who has taught them for a year and knew what was best for them to learn, but I approached him with timidity, apologizing for inconveniencing him because I had to ask him to leave.  I have authority in my classroom and yet, I was like a 5-year old girl looking for approval.

ImageDon’t get me wrong, I don’t always live like this, but lately these moments have weighed on my mind.  They have made me think about how much I truly believe in the authority that is in me.

Even as I pray for my students or even for friends and family, how much authority am I praying with?

The guidance and direction of the Spirit, the authority that is within us…there is purpose for that.  And with that authority comes responsibility.  When I pray for my students, it’s with purpose, and I must believe that something changes for the better.  When the spirit directs my path or actions, it’s with purpose, and I must be aware and open to that. 

So much to learn, but thankful for each lesson learned…

2 thoughts on “Kind Sentiments or Purposeful Action…

  1. I can totally see that story you wrote unfold! I love your thoughts about authority and living your life with purpose! Let the spirit lead you! Love you!

  2. What a thoughtful post. I love the quote on the board….what a wonderful reminder to live for God’s purposes and not our own. Can’t wait to see you soon!!! 🙂

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