It’s Not Just About Age, But Attitude…

How is your maturity?…

A few weeks ago I found myself having to discipline two students who decided that on that day they were old enough not to have to listen or do what I asked in class.  Instead, they decided that the best idea was for them to wrestle and fight in class.  My firmness came out and I sent them both to opposite corners of the room.  There they stood, arms folded, saying things in Spanish that I know were not simpatico (kind).  They were angry and defiant.  They spent the rest of the class sulking in their anger, rather than realizing that if they had decided to simply listen, class would have continued with games and conversation and in the process they would have learned.

Even now, at age 32, I can see moments when emotionally or mentally I can stand there pouting in the face of correction.  I think we all have done that.  I’ve really be studying Galations 6:1. Although this specifically is in relation to sin, I believe it is important to extend it to those moments when someone calls out the potential in us as well.  There are people in life who can and will call things out of us, but our guards must be down.  It isn’t an attack, but merely that they see the potential in us that we honestly may not be living out and that needs correction.

So I think about first, the response.  I read recently in a devotion, “Respond to God’s correction with gratitude”.  Without such correction, we would continue on the way we have been… either living out bad decisions or just living a life that we could simply manage on our own, not really reaching the greatness within us…never growing, never learning, never really being challenged. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see that as a worthwhile life.  Yet it isn’t always easy either.

The second response is action.  We need to grasp the truth of what is shared with us and take the initiative to correct it or to grow in different areas of our life.  We don’t simply say, thank you and stay on the same course…but in gratitude move forward…

6 thoughts on “It’s Not Just About Age, But Attitude…

  1. Thank you for this. As a fellow teacher, I need this reminder (especially with just 3 days of school remaining). Praying for a great week ahead for you. Much love and hugs, Dina-head

  2. i absolutely hate to be corrected! 🙂 but i know it is necessary to grow and become a become a better person. can’t wait to see you oh so very soon! 🙂 🙂

  3. I usually spend time sulking in the corner too. :). It’s hard to admit when you’ve made a mistake. Can’t wait to see u in a few weeks!

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