Feet Up, Drink in Hand, Recline…

Not even close…

What a whirlwind summer this has been.  If you expected to receive a postcard from me from an exotic location, or had an image of me sitting on the back deck reading book after book, then I hate to disappoint you…

My time in the states this summer was restful, filling, and exciting in a completely different way!

So what have I been up to?

First and foremost, I got engaged to my best friend, Jared, who allows me to be me and yet challenges and leads me to becoming the woman I was created to be.  I’m very excited for our future together!  I’ve had great opportunities to meet his family and several of his close friends and have enjoyed getting to know them as well.

My family has also been number one on my list, to be more intentional with them.  Living with my sis and her family has been wonderful…the sounds of the children playing downstairs, the dinners we sat down and had together, the time out on the boat and swimming in the lake, Cheering on Amos, my brother-in-law as he played football, sister time,  Aunt Jenn nights with Grace and Tyler, and even football sundays…many great memories created!  Then there was the wonderful opportunity to visit with my parents a couple of times this summer and even help them with their house…we just really enjoyed our time together!

Evenings, dinners, and lunches, and of course coffe with friends filled my weeks and then there were the Skype conversations and emails to catch up with and encourage other friends around the states and world.

When I wasn’t meeting up with others, I helped my friend with her house, assisted Jared a bit with the nonprofit we are forming, researched some TESL courses, and worked on some wedding plans.

The weeks went fast, but I enjoyed every moment.  I head back out in a few days, but am more energized and ready to go and give all that’s in me…  That’s what I call, a great summer vacation…

“Do You Understand The Words That Are Coming Out of My Mouth?”

Try to complete the following lines..

“Fat guy in a…”  (Tommy Boy)

“Stop collaborate and….”(Vanilla Ice)

Okay, so those examples probably weren’t the greatest, but they made me laugh and might have revealed my age.  Anyway, it is amazing how much information we can retain.  Some of it mindless, but nonetheless, it’s in there and can be repeated at any time by any comment that triggers our recollections.

I was talking with a friend of mine recently, about the desire to not only know, but be able to recall scripture.  How much effort do I really invest in it?  Maybe, I’m still on a kick after running to Lecrae this morning, but the truth is, I can recite many lyrics or not so useful movie quotes, and yet when a friend or family member is in need of truth or encouragement, I stutter, have to stop and think for a moment, or pray for a word, something to direct them to the Truth.

I’m not saying that to be a “perfect” christian we must be able to recite all scripture word for word, but I am saying that I desire to not only know it, but use scripture more.  Aren’t we to point and direct people to the truth, promises, and hope found in God and here we have an amazing tool not just to read, but to speak and share.  I’m challenging myself to learning, remembering, and using scripture when I can, and am open and inviting accountability with this as well.

Who knows when the next time Tyler, my 5-year old nephew will give me a hug and tell me he’s sad, or Grace, my 7-year old niece will walk through the door upset about something that happened that day, or I meet a friend who is worried about a certain circumstance in his life, or even a stranger who is struggling with something.

I want to be ready at any moment, not to just understand and be encouraging, but to share truth, to bring hope and to direct them to God who knows and loves them.

How about you?

Now, try to complete the following line…

“Preach the word; Be prepared…”(2 Timothy 4:2)