“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m not sitting in a class at a school.  I’m not listening to lectures online or reading self-help books.  I’m merely sitting in a tapas bar in a small pueblo in Spain with three great friends.  Last night, my roommates and I decided to intentionally get together and spend time together, catching up on how we are doing and to genuinely share with one another.  And we are all so different…we have a common ground in which we stand, but we are different, different people with different personalities, different perspectives.  I found myself looking around, as I listened and as I shared, I was amazed at where I was at that moment.

You see God has been teaching me a lot, a lot as I study Proverbs, but also He teaches me through discussions with others, those who have different perspectives, who have learned different lessons, etc.  As we share with each other, ask questions, and listen to each other, new thoughts, ideas, and revelations come about.  It really is incredible what we can learn from each other.

Again, this morning while having breakfast with my dear friend who is visiting, through the exchange of ideas and thoughts, we learn something new, we share a part of our lives, and we learn.  It’s relationship.  Sometimes it is just that simple…