“Don’t loaf and invite inspiration; light out after it with a club.” ~Jack London

One of the top criteria in my job search was passion.  I wanted to work for an organization that had a purpose, that believed in something…a place where I could contribute and learn.

Each day, when I walk through the doors of the office, my mind is awakened to a new type of inspiration…numbers, formulas, and data analysis.  I listen to my colleagues discuss ways to improve processes, to put limited resources towards a more focused, efficient purpose all to bring about a greater impact.

I listen, and I learn, and something in me jumps and is intrigued by their passion, their knowledge, and their desire to learn more.  I want to learn.  Passion is contagious and the knowledge we share contributes to the bettering of a situation, a mission, the world.

I’m surrounded by inspiration and I’m taking hold of it…