Everyday Life…

“I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen.” ~ John Steinbeck

It’s been about a month since we returned from Honduras.  As I continue to reflect on the time there, still anxious to share the stories, the experience, the memories, the lessons learned, I realize that I struggle to truly express my time there.  I want you to see what I saw, to know the people I met, and to feel the joy, the love, and the grace that I experienced.  But how do I sum all that in an answer to the most commonly asked question?…  “What did you do in Honduras?”

While studying Acts, I read verses 14:9-10
“He (a crippled man) listened to Paul as he was speaking.  Paul looked directly at him, saw that he had faith to be healed and called out ‘Stand up on your feet!’  At that, the man jumped up and began to walk.”

As I read this, it hit me.  Paul LOOKED DIRECTLY at him, SAW…

So why is this a revelation to me?  Because I can sit here and share the facts, tell you all the “programs” we did, VBS for the children, ministry for the women, ministry for the men, praying at the hospital, helping build a house, etc.  But to tell you the truth, what I believe was most valuable was our interactions with the people.

Paul didn’t get lost in the “program”, in preaching to the crowds.  Instead he noticed the people.  It was about the people!  It is about the people!

For me, It was about the conversations and the questions the men had as they developed their own foundation of Faith.  It was about the visits we had in the homes of the villagers, sitting with them, getting to know them, praying with them.  It was about the children we got to share our lives with, playing soccer, sitting with them, holding their little hands.  It was about the relationships with the women, helping them see their identity and encouraging them.  It was something as simple as changing our plans to help pull a truck full of boulders out of the mud.

Tow Truck

It was about daily life and sharing our lives with one another….Living out what we believe…when the Word is truly the Living Word.

And the great thing about all of this is that we don’t have to be in Honduras to continue to live this way…This can truly be everyday Life…

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