1 Week.7 Days.168 Hours…

Every moment counts!

Some may look at a week and not see anything special.  Some may approach each day with the attitude, “I just need to make it through today”.  Some people can’t remember the significance one hour is in a day.  One moment…and it all could change!  How incredible is that?  What if we approached time with a new perspective of optimism for the moments it holds and the opportunities that can arise?

1 Week – 7 Days – 168 Hours…It’s not a countdown, but a reminder to embrace the moments of this week as we prepare for our upcoming vision trip to Cartagena, Colombia (Where we plan to move in September 2014).

Last July, we were absolutely blessed to serve in Honduras together.  It was one of the steps of preparation for us as we make our way to Colombia.  And we learned so much about how God uses us individually and together and how we can encourage each other in those gifts as well as just the amazing amount of love we were and are filled with for those living in Honduras and those friendships we were able to build.  It was a great step.  And we haven’t stopped walking and moving forward as the Spirit has guided us, taught us, and continues to direct our steps.

SpritIn 1 Week – 7 Days – 168 Hours Jared and I will board a plane to meet our wonderful contacts who have blessed us already in so many ways with their open hearts, kindness, gracious assistance, and by just who they are!  And our hearts are already full of appreciation for the Wicks and Friends for Colombia!

We are completely open to the direction of the Spirit as we meet contacts, develop friendships, learn about all the culture, Life, and even the challenges of those living in Cartagena, and discover ways to serve the children and people of Colombia.

During this upcoming 1 Week – 7 Days – 168 Hours we are preparing our hearts and minds to embrace each moment.  We aren’t counting down the time until we get there, but utilizing the time we have to prepare and embrace the now!

Honestly, it is easy to get overwhelmed, but as we continue to move forward, our Faith grows, our relationship strengthens, and all we can do is put our Trust, Hope, and Passions in the hands of the One who is directing our steps and who has given us opportunities in each moment, second, minute, hour, week, month, year…

If you are interested in who we are, what our Passions are, and how we want to Live…check out our nonprofit (Legacy of Hope Restored) – http://www.lhrestored.org/

We will be activating Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram soon to provide a few updates as we can and look forward to sharing with anyone who is interested upon our return.  Prayers and Support are always welcomed and appreciated…

1 Week – 7 Days – 168 Minutes…Every moment counts!  Live Life!