Welcome! This Seat is for You…

Some of you have received LHR’s (Legacy of Hope Restored’s) update on our vision trip to Colombia.  We were able to share some of the great things that took place during that time.  But as we continue to prepare to leave, finding the words to express exactly what our hope is as we serve there, is not as simple as one would think.

When asked what we are going to do, how long we will be there, etc…we want to be clear, but we can only offer what we do know at this point in time, understanding that things will continue to change as we adapt to what life in Cartagena looks like.

Then this morning, believe it or not, I came across a Caribou coffee cup that actually captures something we believe.

Community Table

You see, we are not moving to Colombia just to start a particular project, nor do we have a certain number of people we want to reach.  We aren’t there to simply distribute handouts nor believe we are THE solution to any challenge people may face.

We are moving to Cartagena to become a helpful part of the community, to really get to know the people, and to serve as we can.

Pastor Edilberto and the Crew

The idea of a “community table” is a great concept of gathering together, each bringing what they have to share with others, in an environment where we can be real with one another, listen to one another, laugh with one another, and invest in each other.

Jared with the Children

“Rubbing elbows” really captures the idea of getting close, removing barriers, building trust, and actually developing relationships.

English Club Lunch

It’s all about the people!  And all are welcome!

We are going to become a part of the community, to share with others, to serve one another, to truly live Life together, restoring hope, and being a part of a community that betters the lives of those around them.

This is the greatest direction we received on our vision trip.  We received a few other specific details (check out our latest newsletter update for more of that information), but as we continue to reflect on the wonderful people we met in Cartagena and prepare to see them again, we remember and believe that “Life is rubbing elbows at the community table.”

So with that, we say…”Welcome!  This seat is for you…”