When Life Gives You Lemons…

You do something about it!

And in this case, Alexandra “Alex” Scott, literally made lemonade.

It’s been 10 years since Alex’s Lemonade Stand began.  At the age of four, battling cancer herself, she ran her first lemonade stand and raised $2,000 for the hospital that was treating her.  She wanted to give back and help others.  And since then, lemonade stands all over the country have raised over $80 million for cancer research projects.  This month celebrates 10 years since Alex’s Lemonade Stand started and though Alex has since passed, the foundation continues strong in her memory.

Though I’m highlighting this foundation and their fight against cancer, what I really want to celebrate is the action of one child.  She was four!  Did anyone else notice that?

Our children (jaja, I can actually say “our” now :)…I digress) are learning and developing every day.  There is so much they can do.  I’ve seen lists and guidelines outlining when a child can do certain tasks or should gain certain skills.  I’ve heard parents say that their children are too young.  But each child is different.  Children pick up on what they are exposed to.  If children can learn multiple languages at an early age, why not instill an atmosphere of giving and helping others at an early age?

What if instead of thinking about what our children are too young to do, we allow them to be challenged to do things?  They too can make a difference…we just have to encourage and watch their creativity come forth.

Alex was four.  Age was not a limitation.

Now that’s an incredible thought, in my opinion.  It’s a great day for lemonade…

You Are the Best….YOU!

Becoming a mother has definitely been a life changing experience.

My days no longer have a set schedule.  The time it takes me to actually accomplish a task can range greatly from 10 minutes to all day depending on what our son is needing that day, and breaks or moments to rest are no longer taken as needed, but whenever those moments arise, if they arise.

Gabriel Sleeping
Yet through those changes, I also get the sweetest baby cuddles, the little hands that wrap around my fingers, the excitement watching him discover new things and experience new things, the joy of teaching him, hugging him, and knowing that I am his mother.  And I truly enjoy seeing how wonderful Jared is as a father.

I’ve got some amazing mothers in my life and in my community as examples for me.  When I face challenging moments, and as I’m learning, I am supported, encouraged, and comforted by these amazing women who not only provide great advice, but also an ear to listen and understand.

And what I’ve been learning most through all of this is that even on those days when the only thing I have time to do is pull my hair up, those days when I have just 10 minutes to make and eat lunch, those days when my perfume for the day is ode to baby wipes, those days when I am learning how to juggle working on our nonprofit, cooking dinner, Spanish lessons, taking care of the house, and most importantly caring for our son…

I’ve been learning that with a grateful heart, patience, and grace…that I’m the best me that there is in this world and that’s just what Gabriel needs.  It isn’t about how smooth everything goes, how controlled I have everything, how knowledgeable I am in all areas of motherhood, but in how I love and care for our son.  It is about being the best Me, even as I’m constantly learning and growing, and allowing that to be an example for him.


I’m the best me and you are the best you.  There’s just no comparison!

And yes, I did write this during a break that arose at 5:30 this morning.  You take them when you can get them!