My View…

So it’s true.  The world is not full of butterflies and rainbows and I won’t pretend that it is.  My heart is heavy for all those affected by violence, hatred, judgement, and injustice here in the States as well as around the world.  Being aware of all that is happening is important, but I refuse to let it harden my heart.

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of anger, hate, and judgemental comments.  But beyond the anger, I’ve also heard from a lot of people who are frustrated, disheartened, and people who have just lost hope.

Today, on my evening walk, I was thinking about all of this.  It was this view that made everything clear and reminded me of truth…


You may wonder what this sweet face has to do with my reaction to all of the chaos in this world…

Her name is Lucia.  Just like our son, our daughter’s name was chosen because of it’s significance and meaning, and the power behind it.  It means LIGHT.  We didn’t name her this so that she can see the light in the darkness, but because SHE IS LIGHT.

That is what we are to be.  We are to be Light.  So I won’t hide behind words.  I won’t hide behind anger and judgement.  But I will move in action to bring Light to this world.  I will move in action to share HOPE.  I will help and serve those around me.  I will help and serve those around the world.  The happenings in this world do not make me want to run or hide, but to shine more, to serve more!  I will not allow my perspective to be consumed by the darkness that exists, but to keep it on the LIGHT that shines through me.

How will you let Light shine through you?….

2 thoughts on “My View…

  1. Loved this post. It has been challenging for me not to be hardened by the recent events in our country, but as a follower of Christ I have no reason to lose hope. Thanks for the reminder! I will choose to be light, just like precious Lucia!

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