Uniquely Me…

Toys are poured out on the floor and balls are scattered across the room as the bins that used to hold them are no where to be found.  This is my view.  And it is beautiful…

You see, my view has changed…

Oh how comparison can steal us of our joy and cause us to lose sight of the unique way we were created and the great responsibility we have been given as women, as mothers!

I’m not anywhere close to being a mom like June Cleaver (My apologies for the younger generations who may not know who that is), and my children are not quiet, nor calm, but rather quite adventurous climbers, explorers, loud, messy, and ready to be creative.  I’ve fallen short trying to be the mom I’ve seen some other women be, wondering why it was not as easy for me.  But the truth was that I wasn’t being me.  And in that frustration I had to let it all go.  I let go of the expectations of what I thought I should be as a mother.  It bound me to a life of disappointment and to feeling trapped always striving to reach a level that just was not me.  I looked at the mess I saw and changed my perspective…I became free…

Free to embrace the woman I am.
Free to embrace the uniqueness and beauty of my own children.
Free to embrace the unique characteristics I have to guide my children in the way only I CAN.
Free to grow as a mother, but also in my own passions.
Free to be a mom who lives with a lighter heart, celebrates creativity, embraces mistakes as times for us to learn and grow together.
Free to be ME.

You see the mess I saw was caused because my children were chasing each other with the bins on their heads, laughing, being friends, and learning how to play together…  I want to foster that type of environment of creativity and exploration.  It was a beautiful sight.  I want more of these memories…the moments where they feel free to be who God created them to be…full of energy, life, Love!

bucket head

You are unique!  You are beautiful!  You are free to be YOU!

Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.